In Your Mind...


Release Date: April 4, 2009



Track Listings:


1. Angel of Mercy 3:28
2. Dead Comes Alive 4:25
3. Mindfuel 3:52
4. Insanity 3:41
5. Don't Cry in Vain 4:50
6. It's a Shame 4.24
7. Damage 4:21
8. Destiny 3:47
9. Divine Sea of Souls 4:58
10. Slave 3:53
11. The Real Me 3:04
Reviews and Press:

Strutter Zine Magazine (Holland)

"MINDFUEL is a Swedish Melodic Metalband, who remind me a bit of the typical German Melodic Metal/Power Metal scene, kinda like BRAINSTORM meets BLACK ABYSS. Yet here and there also Swedish type of Melodic Heavy Rock can be heard, such as in the MADISON like semi-ballad “Don’t cry in vain”. However most of the songs are uptempo and actually quite catchy, such as the fast “It’s a shame” and “Destiny” which even is a Melodic Hardrock type of song a la PINK CREAM 69. Call it whatever you want, this MINDFUEL is bringing great European Melodic Metal on their full- length debut CD ‘In your mind’, which they have released on the rising new Swedish label BLUE TOPAZ RECORDINGS, more info at: www.mindfuel.se and e-mail at: mindfuel.band@gmail.com"


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