Hailing from the rockin' land of Sweden, MINDFUEL is releasing their debut album “In Your Mind” on Blue Topaz Records. Combining elements of Hard Rock, Thrash and Power Metal, Mindfuel has created a new and undeniably awesome sound for rock fans around the world.

Due to the rising popularity of their sample tracks with radio and internet rock stations around the world the guys have hastened the release of their first album. Positive feedback includes comparisons to legends of rock and metal like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Testament, Dream Evil and Manowar.

The band, which includes Markus Kinell on guitars/bass, Magnus Westman on vocals and Magnus Göransson on drums, started as a project in February of 2008 when Markus and Magnus met through a mutual friend. Magnus agreed to put some vocals down on a song that Markus was working on and they fit perfectly with the music. After exploring their similar tastes in music and views for the direction of a possible band Magnus agreed to join the project full time. From there they recruited Manus Göransson, a drummer Markus had worked with a few years prior. When Magnus G joined all the pieces were in place and the three began churning out the incredible songs that would become their debut album under their new name... MINDFUEL!

Mindfuel invites you to listen to the masterpiece of 11 hard and melodic heavy metal songs that form the album "In Your Mind."


Markus Kinell

Guitars, Keyboards


Markus was born in 1972, and was raised in the town of Karlskoga, Sweden.
He's been playing guitar since the age of 10 and joined his first band at the age of 13.

When his band split up he began to compose instrumental music with a little help from drummer and friend Magnus Göransson.

After a couple of years another friend told Markus about a brilliant singer named Magnus Westman.

Shortly thereafter, Westman joined this project and the foundation for Mindfuel was in place.




Iron Maiden



among a few...

Ibaneze RG2550 (with active EMG 81)

Gibson explorer

Fender stratocaster 1971

Marshall JVM410

Fender twinreverb

and alot of effects


Magnus Westman



Magnus was born 1971, and grew up in Åstorp, Sweden. He started singing in his first band, Red Dawn, when he was 16.

From there he went on to front a few different local bands and built a reputation as a great vocalist and song composer.

Magnus was introduced to Markus through a mutual friend and after the two discovered they had similar music tastes and views Magnus agreed to join the band project that would become MindFuel.



family, music and working out

What´s on his mind:

Usually world news or finding ways to combat the cruelties taking place in the world.


Black Sabbath,

Jeff Scott Soto,

Jorn Lande

Magnus Göransson










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